Laramie Inside Out: Film Synopsis

In October 1998, Wyoming college student Matthew Shepard was brutally beaten and left to die. The horror of this murder pushed Laramie into the media spotlight and sparked a nationwide debate about homophobia, gay-bashing and hate crimes.

Filmmaker Beverly Seckinger returns to her hometown to see how this event had affected the site of her own closeted adolescence. Along the way she meets "God-hates-fags" Westboro Baptist Church Reverend Fred Phelps, who condemns Shepard and all LGBT people to an eternal hell. But Seckinger meets many more—parents, teachers, clergy and students—telling their stories, speaking out and taking action.

An achingly intimate journey into the response of the citizens of Laramie, Wyoming to one of the most sensationalized and publicized hate crimes of the 1990's.
Frameline Film Festival
A very personal look at the town and its people. Seckinger's film is an important addition to the narratives that help us understand what happened to Matthew Shepard, why it happened and how that community was affected by the crime.
Moises Kaufman, The Laramie Project
Laramie Inside Out is a story of hope and grace rising from the shadow of hate and darkness.
John Eric Rolfstad, Lutheran Lesbian & Gay Ministries
A lovely, loving testament.
Beth Loffreda, Author, Losing Matt Shepard
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Beverly walking down Ivinson Ave. with angels to demonstration at Albany County Courthouse